Our Menu

1. Kao Pad (Thai Fried Rice)
Egg fried rice with spring onion and vegetables

2. Pad Ka Prow
Popular Thai street food with chilli, garlic and Thai holy basil. Served with jasmine rice.

3. Kao Man Kai
Steamed chicken with herbs and rice. Served with homemade sauce.

4. Pad Khing
Stir-fried with ginger, garlic, mushrooms, pepper and spring onions. Served with jasmine nice

5. Kaang Kiew Wan Kai (Green Curry)
Thai green curry with bamboo shoots, vegetables, coconut milk and basil leaves Served with jasmine rice.

6. Kaang Massaman
Thai massaman curry cooked in coconut milk with potatoes, onion, peanuts and Thai herbs. Served with jasmine rice.

7. Kaang Phed
Thai red curry cooked with bamboo shoots, Aubergine, green beans and basil leaves. Served with jasmine rice.

8. Kuai Tiew Pad Kee Mao
Stir-fried flat egg noodles

9. Pad Thai
Fried rice noodles with our special sauce, egg, bean sprouts, spring onion, peanuts, lime and sweet tamarind sauce.

10. Pad See Ew
Stir-fried flat noodles with egg and vegetables with light soy sauce.

11. Kual Tiew Num Tok
Broth soup with sliced pork, pork balls, rice noodles and morning glory.

12. Laab Moo £6.50
Spicy minced pork salad with rice powder, chilli powder, lime leaves and Thai herbs.

13. Thai Spicy Salad £6.50
Spicy grilled beef salad with cherry tomatoes, onions and cucumbers with chilli and lime dressing

14. Gai Pad Cashew Nut £6.50
Mix vegetbles Cashew Nut, Chicken chilli oil, served with jasmine rice.

15. Pad Kraticm Chicken / Prawn / Beef / Pork
Stir fried with fresh garlic and pepper, topped with crispy garlic bits and served with jasmine rice.

16. Stir Fried Noodles with Eggs
Sticky sauce with vegetables.

17. Pad Priew Waan
Stir fried with tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed peppers, onions and pineapples with a classic sweet and sour sauce.

18.Tom Yum kung
A classic, hot and Sour shop flavour of lemongrass, lime, chilies and Prawn Served with jasmine rice.

19. Khao Khai Chiao
Omelet With prawn, pork, meat, veggies. Served with jasmine rice.

20.Chicken Wings
Served with tamarind sauce

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